Recent projects

Pre-silicon validation and device bringup

Helped a fortune 100 client develop their next generation PCI Express (PCIe) switch. Work included bringing-up pre-silicon RTL code in Veloce emulator platform, development/bringup of various software drivers, firmware and application code that were used to validate existing and new features of the PCIe switches.

Enterprise Grade SSD Backend FW Development

Worked with a top SSD manufacturer on their XD6 product line. We helped the team develop basic platform infrastructure for a multi-core platform and also helped develop core software modules in flash translation layer.

AWS Security Project -- SaaS Security Platform

Designed and delivered a Cloud based Data Security and Privacy Platform that hardens customer web applications against browser-based attacks without impacting user experience and site performance. The solution is deployed in a couple of Fortune 100 companies.

This involved building an AWS based core platform utilizing ElasticSearch, Cassandra, RDS, Kafka, Consul, Spark, etc...

Applications were built on top of the platform using scalable microservice architecture to provide security and privacy for customer web applications. The solution also included Analytics and Alerting.

The infrastructure was automated using IaC (Cloudformation) and is SoC-2 compliant.

KVM/Qemu Look-inside Package

Developed a debug package to look inside of data structures in kernel KVM based virtual machines. The package can be used both on live Linux kernel as well as on a kernel core dumps.

Multi-core PPC QorIQ based low energy server Development

Helped a start-up company bring-up a QorIQ PPC processor based platform and then developed various software components to make it a viable enterprise grade low energy server.

Tarari software port to HP-UX

Ported a Linux based software solution (kernel driver and user space applications) for LSI tarari product line to HP-UX. This was used for acceleration of SAP HANA applications on HP-UX.

Load Balancer software for Atalla HSM based Product line
Developed a userspace application to balance incoming workload among multiple Atalla HSMs.

BSP and Driver Projects in RTOS environment

Brought-up/Developed various board support packages for VME bus based system boards. The OS environments were VxWorks, LynxOS, and Linux.

Device Driver Projects

Developed many device drivers on HP-UX, Linux & VmWare platforms. These were for enterprise grade systems. The devices were NVMe, Ethernet, iSCSI and many more.