Enterprise System Software Development

Nucleodyne has solved several challenging problems for our customers over the years, to help develop enterprise system level software solutions. Our service expertise helps you reduce your design and development cycle time, and maximizes your returns on investment. Our diverse expertise helps you free up your development dollars to focus on your core areas. The following highlights the diversity of our experience, and the breadth of our technical experience.

OS Bringup & Customization

OS Bringup on Simulator: Bring up Enterprise OS on new architectural simulator

  • Chipset Software, Machine Dependent Code Development
  • Supported OS HP-UX and Linux
  • Supported architecture – IA64, x86_32, x86_64, PA-RISC, PPC, MIPS
  • SMP & NUMA Platform

System Crash Analysis

  • System dump analysis with kernel core analyzing tools such as q4, p4 & crash
  • Remote kernel debugger such as kwdb, nddb, kgdb
  • Debug Virtual memory, Processor Management, IO Subsystem and Filesystem related problems
  • Dump analysis automation, perl script for q4 and gdb script for crash
  • Virtual Memory Analysis tools – vmtrace, arena/slab de bugging
  • Machine Check decoding (MCA, HPMC), tombstone data decoding

IO Stack Development

  • Development of high throughput custom IO stack

Virtual Memory Optimization/porting for new platform

Scheduler Modification for custom requirement

Filesystem customization and porting for specific application

  • Port filesystem from different operating systems to HP_UX and Linux
  • Integrate HW accelerator and NV RAM device driver


Device Driver Development

Supported OS: Linux, VMWare, HP-UX, Windows, VxWorks, LynxOS, QNX, AIX and Solaris

Storage Protocol Device Driver

  • FC, SCSI, SAS, SATA, iSCSI, CISS, RAID Driver, SCRIPTS processor programming – All enterprise grade storage HBA controller support
  • Protocol Analysis with Logic/Protocol Analyzer
  • Target mode software, target emulator
  • SCSI tape emulation
  • Dump Driver
  • Virtual machine support

Ethernet Device Driver

  • 10Gb, 1Gb, 100Mbps Device Driver Development
  • Chelsio –T2, Intel 82559, Emulex BE2, Neterion Xframe and many other 1gb/100mbps adapters.
  • Stateless and stateful offload, socket layer offload
  • Virtual machine support

NVRAM Driver Development

  • NVRAM Driver for high throughout enterprise class File system

RAID Stack Integration with HW accelerator

  • Develop application code to verify Galois Field multiplier HW blockIntegrate RAID-6 stack with the HW accelerator

Low Latency IO Accelerator Driver

  • Direct user application access HW devices
  • Expose anonymous kernel memory to user space to avoid copy, mmap support


Virtual Machine Development

  • Hypervisor Development: Develop hypervisor code to run multiple operating systems on SMP system
  • Develop para-virtual storage and networking protocol driver
  • High resolution timer for virtual device support.


System Application Development

Multi-node Cluster Development

  • Boot sequence
  • Resource Manager
  • Hearbeat Package

Continuous Data Protection Software

Virtual Tape Libray

  • Target mode protocol driver
  • Generic target mode midlayer
  • Personality module



  • Test strategy and test plan development
  • Test automation and scripting, kernel triggers
  • Code coverage analysis with tools like Bullseye, coverity


Current Product Engineering

  • Tiraging and defect analysis


Reverse Engineering

  • Read assembly level source code and reconstruct C routines.