Embedded System Development

Nucleodyne has expertise of developing embedded systems for a variety of applications, including defence. We have developed solutions for CPU operations, memory management, and networking among many such projects. Typically, we support Windows, HP-UX, Linux, VxWorks, LynxOS and QNX

The following list shows our depth and breadth of expertise in developing solutions in this space.

Embedded HW and FPGA development

CPU Development & Customization

  • Custom CPU development
  • CPU Instruction modification
  • Custom high speed compression engine
  • Processor Cluster Development

Processor Support

  • PPC, ARM, MIPS and x86
  • Embedded Board Development
  • Design embedded board for specific application
  • Low power System board

Custom FPGA Development

  • Develop custom device on high speed FPGA

Soc Development

  • SoC Development on Emulators
    • Palladium Support
    • Bringup bootloader and operating system on Palladium
  • Hardware building block verification


Embedded Software Development

Board Bring-up & BSP Development

Bring-up newly designed embedded board

  • Initial TLB mapping
    • Code relocation
  • CPU, TLB , Cache Initialization and Memory controller initialization
  • Architectural support
  • Board specific initialization
  • Init Sequence call
  • Serial port support
  • OS hand off
  • Ramdisk support
  • Kernel Initialization
  • Hard clock tick

Debug and Development Environment


  • BDI, Multi, Signum,WindRiver tool, American Arium Gdb server

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux, VxWorks, LynxOS and QNX

Bootloader Support

  • Uboot, redboot
  • Linker definition script (lds)
  • Small memory footprint systems
  • Boot support from NAND and NOR device
  • Flash driver
  • Serial port driver
  • Ethernet Driver
  • Ram boot uboot

Boot Driver

BIOS Driver

  • boot from custom IDE/SATA controller

Etherboot support

  • Boot support from new USB controller, Ethernet controller & parallel port

Ramdisk building and Modification for application specific need

BusyBox Support

Root FileSystem and its content

JFFS2, CramFS, Ramdisk, root NFS

VME Bus Driver and Test application

Audi, Video drivers for embeeded applications

SCSI, SMBUS, USB, I2C, LPC, GPIO, CAN, Sensor, Sound & Video driver development for embedded application.